Muriel Vasconcellos, Ph.D.

Linguistic Consultant

Linguistic Consultant - Muriel Vasconcellos, Ph.D.


Also author of the memoir

Finding My Invincible Summer

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Muriel Vasconcellos provides accurate, reliable translations from Spanish and Portuguese to English with specialization in
• Medicine • Public Health • Veterinary Medicine • Agriculture
• Environment and Ecology • Social Sciences • Government and
Politics • Linguistics

bullets Native speaker of English

bullets Polished writing style; talent for writing and organizing ideas

bullets 35 years’ experience in translation

bullets Former staff translator:
        Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization
        Organization of American States

bullets Fully bilingual speaker of Brazilian Portuguese

bullets Competence in MS Word, Excel, Publisher

bullets Experience in printing, layout, design, and desktop publishing

bullets Platinum Member of since 2003 The online workplace for translators – where they they meet colleagues and clients, grow their businesses, collaborate on projects, consult on challenging terminology, and share resources and experience in many areas.

Based in San Diego, California, USA - Time Zone: GMT -800

Based in San Diego, California, USA

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